Painting -for me, is presenting mirrors. All sort of mirrors in which people can reflect. For an instant or -if they like, for a longer period of time. Cracked, broken, diffuse ones, even looking-through mirrors to vanish completely. What I really like is a form of indirect communication, like through a veil, that sort of filter, because I myself as a painter do not want to stand between the onlooker and the work itself. I want to keep a certain distance between me and them, because my presence is a rather vulgar unnecessaty. In the solitude of the atelier -while working, a painter is constantly in communication with both subject and object which are emerging on the canvas. Once the work is done, that job should be taking over by the painting itself in the shortest possible way towards the onlooker. 

margeeth olsthoorn presents:



APRIL 20 - MAY 5

Opening: april 20 19:00 - 22:00

Eendrachtsweg 39B - Rotterdam